The Young Living Welcome Book

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This welcome book combines the brevity of a brochure with the essential oil education of a reference book. The primary purpose is to educate about the possibilities for incorporating essential oils into your daily life.

This handbook, provided by the Living It Out group, helps new Young Living members get up to speed on how they can use Young Living Seed to Seal essential oils and supplemental products safely and effectively. Generously stocked with tips and best practices, this recipe-packed compilation will help you learn to use essential oils like a pro.

 What’s Included: 1 saddle-stich softcover 4-color booklet

 Size: 50 pages, 6” x 9”

 How to Use:

 -Use this book as an overview or education tool for learning about how to use essential oils topically, aromatically, and internally.

 Helpful Hints: Read from cover to cover to get up to speed on all the latest and greatest Young Living products and offers.

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