Say Hello Experience Kit

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Introduce Young Living Essential Oils to your contacts and leave an impression that lasts a lifetime with the Say Hello Experience Kit.

Nothing says hello like a drop of Young Living 100% pure therapeutic-grade essential oil. Giving someone a bottle is too expensive. Letting them inhale from your bottle? Well, it's too fleeting. Giving them a pamphlet or tear sheet on its own? Too stale. That's why Life Science Publishing & Products created the Say Hello Experience Kit. It only takes a few, well-selected, and perfectly-timed drops to change someone's life—to fill their senses with the world's best oils and speak to their personal needs.

Each Say Hello Experience Kit comes in a beautiful, custom-made, Young Living- branded boxed set. Included in each box are three 1 milliliter (ML) amber roller-top sample bottles (essential oil not included).  Put your favorite, specially selected samples of essential oils or blends that you want someone to experience in each bottle.

Also included in the box set is our beautiful, full color, Say Hello booklet, packed with information and usage tips on 55 of the most popular Young Living essential oils. Now you can take a 15-ml bottle of your favorite Young Living oil and share it with up to 15 people! Each of your recipients gets to enjoy 20 drops. Not only will they experience the oils, but they’ll also have the helpful information that makes them infinitely valuable. This one-two punch boxed set makes sharing and educating a breeze. You literally just add oil! 

Invest in the shared experience today! Change someone’s life with a Say Hello Experience Kit, only from Life Science.

Product Specifications:

  • Sold Individually
  • Bottles Included 
  • 60 Page Full Color Booklet Included

Note: Don't forget to purchase your labels to go on top of bottles in Say Hello Experience Kit

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