Aroma Tote 8 vial 2-ml bottles Keychain Pouch (Black)

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This scaled-down pouch holds up to 8 2 Dram or 5/8 Dram vials of your favorite essential oils in the most portable, neoprene stretch-fabric, insulated pouch. Keychain and carabineer help you to attach to your purse, keys, other totes and hiking/camping equipment. 

Enjoy supreme portability and travel convenience with this lightly insulated, stretch-fabric neoprene pouch. Inner foam protects from temperature fluctuations as well as impacts from active living. The included keychain and carabineer make attachment easy and convenient whether packing, traveling, or simply transferring it from one purse or bag to another.

 What’s Included: 1 black neoprene pouch with room fro 8 2-ml or 5/8 dram vials, key ring, carabineer

  Size: 3.75” x 2.5” x 1.25”, key ring 7/8”, carabineer 1.75”

  How to Use:

  •  Attach to your key ring, purse hardware, or backpack using the carabineer for ultimate convenience

 Helpful Hints: Use with our 2-ml or 5/8 dram bottles and labels for instant recognition and organization


Disclaimer: Bottles are not included with the purchase of this item. 

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